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Silk Wings Aviation was founded in 2007 by Jane Zhang, a senior-level business executive, and Bobby Todd, an airline pilot. We have acquired immense amount of knowledge and understanding about the aviation industry in China and have established a wide network of high-level associates in business, industry, finance, and government.

With the addition of Alina Li, our Operations Manager in China, and our consulting partners Bradley Irwin, David Rodenhaver, and Kregg Victory, we offer clients a very effective team of highly accomplished professionals with decades of experience in aviation, business, and law. Each of us has achieved success in our respective fields, and our strength lies in the multi-disciplinary combination of knowledge and expertise that we bring to serve each client's needs.

Jane Zhang, President

Specialization: M&A transactions; funding; China and international business practices; business start-up; strategy; and market development

Background: Country Manager, China, for a Silicon Valley-based Fortune 100 tech company; merger & acquisition and strategy development for a New York-based Fortune 200 tech firm; advisor for a Silicon Valley-based alternative energy automobile company. Fluent in Chinese and English

Bobby Todd, Executive VP

Specialization: Flight operations and management; flight training; long-range international flight operations; large and heavy jet aircraft

Background: Airline and General Aviation pilot with more than 33 years and 19,000 flight hours as a professional aviator. Extensive experience in FAR Part 121 airline and Part 135 commercial flight operations, Part 91 flight operations, and flight training under FAR Parts 141 and 61. Not so proficient at Chinese, but fluent in all things aviation.

Alina Li, China Project and Operations Director

Specialization: Civil Aviation Marketing, International Business, Aircraft Trading

Background: Over 10 years of experience in civil aviation, including aircraft/simulator/engine sales and leasing and M&A in the General Aviation industry. Expertise includes international business and cross-cultural communication. Fluent in Chinese and English.

Bradley R. Irwin, Consulting Partner

Specialization: Aviation M&A, Law, Media & Publishing

Background: An accomplished attorney; Publisher of PilotMag, a widely-read print and internet aviation publication; Experienced Private Pilot

David Rodenhaver, Consulting Partner

Specialization: Business Aviation operations and management

Background: Owner, operator, and manager of a successful Part 135 aircraft charter and Part 141 flight training company. Professional pilot with over 14 years and 7000 hours of pilot and flight instructor experience

Kregg Victory, Consulting Partner

Specialization: Maintenance operations, aircraft maintenance and repair, aircraft management

Background: Owner and operator of a successful aircraft repair station and maintenance operation based in San Jose, California USA. FAA-certificated Airhframe and Powerplant Mechanic (A&P) with Inspection Authorization (IA); FAA-certificated Private Pilot with over 1900 hours of flight experience including formation flight-lead and airshow qualification


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